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Welcome, MN Backyard Birds Brainerd’s Birdscaping Experts!

Hello. My name is Judd Brink (owner & guide) of MN Backyard Birds from Brainerd Minnesota!  Enjoy the 2nd largest recreational activity in the United States at your home or business with Birdscaping from MN Backyard Birds!  I can help you increase the number and variety of colorful songbirds for your enjoyment!  I offer and design Birdscaping packages using bird feeding stations that are properly placed and maintained for many Brainerd Lakes Area Resorts, Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Nursing and Care Facilities, Restaurants and private homes!  I also can guide you to best bird watching locations in Central Minnesota.
I invite you to view our webpage and blog! Please see our contact us page so we can answer any questions that you may have about this site.  I encourage you visit as the site continues to change with new photos and sightings and journal entries. Thank you. 
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Happy Birding,
Judd Brink (owner & guide)
MN Backyard Birds

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The Backyard Bird Journal!


I will be updating this journal on a regular basis, please feel free to make comments. Happy Birding!

Judd Brink (owner & guide)

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The best bird feeder for Orioles from MN Backyard Birds!


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These 2 male Orioles are enjoyng grape jelly and oranges.  My feeder has lots of activity with adults and young visiting the feeder all day long!

This recycled Oriole Bird Feeder is available from MN Backyard Birds for only $35.00.   



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My Spring/Summer Birds


My recent bird sightings from MN Backyard Birds yard include; American Goldfinch, Gray Catbird, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Chickadee, Oriole, Downy Woodpecker, White-breasted Nuthatch, Cardinal, House Finch and Blue Jay.  It's very important to keep the feeders clean and refilled with fresh food.  Besides using seeds I have several meal worm feeders that attract a lot of birds too.  Happy Birding!









The Backyard Bird Journal

Judd Brink (owner & guide)

MN Backyard Birds


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Barred Owl with shrew!

This Barred Owl has been visiting my yard and feeders for several days!

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Detroit Lakes Festival Of Birds

Detroit Lakes Festival Of Birds

Your Guide- May 21, 2010 Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds Itasca State Park 

Bird watching from bridge above the start of the Mississippi River at Itasca State Park.  We saw 70 species at the state park some of the birds seen were Common Loon, Evening Grosbeaks, and about 10 warbler species.  In most years we see over 100 species, we think that the birds are still migrating through the area.

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Woodduck Boxes

Woodduck Boxes

Your Guide – Judd Brink      

On Sunday March 28 I finished installing these two woodduck boxes on Hartley Lake.  I hope the boxes will attract Woodducks this year and I will keep this updated I hope you too will think about providing a nest box for them.  The Woodduck society of Minnesota has some great info about attracting and housing woodducks and coming soon you will be able to order online boxes and predator guards!

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